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  • Site back online
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  • 11th Jan '19
  • Ammo now shows damage type colour highlights
  • Item search now has Damage Type filter
  • 1st Jan '19
  • Fixed 200% dps on Beams
  • New filters for 'Non Tradable' items
  • New filters for 'Unique' items
  • Colour coded the damage types
  • 20st Dec '18
  • New homepage for the gearlist site
  • Maybe i'll look at making the fully reponsive to work on mobile & tablet, ummm.
  • 11th Dec '18
  • You can now sort Missiles and Projectiles by Range
  • Fixed layout of 23rd Nov updates.
  • 23rd Nov '18
  • Removed 'Deep Space' system from loot results.
  • Removed all 'disabled' systems from loot results.
  • Tooltips now working again.
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  • In Buff section, converted buff durations into minutes where seconds >=60
  • Fixed wrong values showing on Buffs section
  • 2nd Oct '17
  • Gives indication if Net-7 DB says the item drops or not
  • Updated drop locations for weapons and core items
  • 23rd Sep '17
  • Added missing Beams
  • Added missing Missile Launchers
  • Added missing Projectile Launchers
  • 29th Aug '17
  • Fixed Zenshai Energy Motivator V2 range and non-manu status
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  • Logins will enable addition of comment and voting system per item and bulk import/update by contributors
  • 13th Aug '17
  • New: Search buffs & effects using Buff section
  • 12th Aug '17
  • L9 No. 1 Most Prize ML Type Zet damage/range fixed (was 9999/9995) now 1030/5700
  • Working on batch importer for mob loot data from players csv files
  • Fixed label for Non Manu only items
  • Added label for Include Non Manu items
  • Started to update site with current data. Todo - Add toggle so user can choose current of live data.
  • Backed up data from live EnB
  • Fixed class names for 3 additional classes
  • Added several missing 200% columns for weapons, shields, reactors etc. Inc. but not limited to Reload 200%, Recharge 200%
  • Fixed some calculations related to reload and dps for weapons


L3 K3 Voltage Amplifier

The K3 Voltage Amplifier, amplifying voltage better than the rest. Unconventional manufacturing techniques prevent K3 components from being analyzed.
Net-7 DB indicates that this item drops
Bonus / BuffsInfo / Restrictions
    No buffs
  • Not manu
Build from item(s)
No items
EnB Community DropsEnB Gearlist DB Drops
    No drops recorded
    No drops recorded
Buy from Vendor(s)Dismantle from item(s)
  • Zak Letlin (Chernevog Station / Aragoth Prime)
  • Josephine Bloom (Earth Station / Earth)
  • Kent Larkin (Net-7 SOL / Saturn)
  • Bando Jun (Paren Station / Kailaasa)
  • Miyoshi Basho (Joves Fury / Jupiter)
  • Justus Flavius (Arx Magister / Mars)
  • Tal Savage (Detention Center Onorom / Asteroid Belt Gamma)
  • Polini Martas (Arx Ymir / Jotunheim)
  • Chester Ludwigin (Trader's Fort / Ragnarok)
  • Yanagi Ochiyo (Tokai Saikutsu / Dahin Mining Interest)
  • Idou Ngami (Yasuragi City / Yasuragi Area )
  • Anna Peres (EarthCorps High Command / Zweihander)
  • Sam Iyolo (Jagerstadt City / Jagerstadt)
  • Ross Davidson (Inverness Down / Planet Inverness)
  • Carcellus Volusensus (Arx Spartoi / Endriago)
  • Celia Lusius (Arx Tiberius / Tarsis)
  • Jyna Venlor (Pourvenir Mons / Porvenir Mons Area)
  • Ina MacGregor (Somerled Station / New Edinburgh)
  • Quint Orso (Praetorium Mons / Praetorium Mons Area (Planet Primus))
  • Gheanna (Ishuan Station / Ishuan)
  • Naro Hamilton (Arx Emporos / Altair III)
  • Frank Mark's (Nostrand Vor / Nostrand Vor Planet)
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