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  • L9 No. 1 Most Prize ML Type Zet damage/range fixed (was 9999/9995) now 1030/5700
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  • Fixed some calculations related to reload and dps for weapons


L3 Evolver PowR-On

Another stunning example of Evolver's magnificent manufacturing aptitude, the PowR-On is perfectly priced for even the tightest budget. Always Innovating, Always Evolving, Evolver
Net-7 DB indicates that this item does not drop *
* Could be a mission reward or Raid drop
Bonus / BuffsInfo / Restrictions
    No buffs
    No restrictions
Build from item(s)
L3BariumRefined Resource >> Catalyst8 Items
L3High-Impact PlasticRefined Resource >> Hydrocarbon25 Items
L3Star IronRefined Resource >> Metal10 Items
EnB Community DropsEnB Gearlist DB Drops
    No drops recorded
    No drops recorded
Buy from Vendor(s)Dismantle from item(s)
  • Zak Letlin (Chernevog Station / Aragoth Prime)
  • Josephine Bloom (Earth Station / Earth)
  • Kent Larkin (Net-7 SOL / Saturn)
  • Bando Jun (Paren Station / Kailaasa)
  • Miyoshi Basho (Joves Fury / Jupiter)
  • Justus Flavius (Arx Magister / Mars)
  • Polini Martas (Arx Ymir / Jotunheim)
  • Chester Ludwigin (Trader's Fort / Ragnarok)
  • Yanagi Ochiyo (Tokai Saikutsu / Dahin Mining Interest)
  • Idou Ngami (Yasuragi City / Yasuragi Area )
  • Anna Peres (EarthCorps High Command / Zweihander)
  • Sam Iyolo (Jagerstadt City / Jagerstadt)
  • Ross Davidson (Inverness Down / Planet Inverness)
  • Carcellus Volusensus (Arx Spartoi / Endriago)
  • Celia Lusius (Arx Tiberius / Tarsis)
  • Jyna Venlor (Pourvenir Mons / Porvenir Mons Area)
  • Ina MacGregor (Somerled Station / New Edinburgh)
  • Quint Orso (Praetorium Mons / Praetorium Mons Area (Planet Primus))
  • Gheanna (Ishuan Station / Ishuan)
  • Naro Hamilton (Arx Emporos / Altair III)
  • Frank Mark's (Nostrand Vor / Nostrand Vor Planet)
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