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  • Ammo now shows damage type colour highlights
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  • Fixed 200% dps on Beams
  • New filters for 'Non Tradable' items
  • New filters for 'Unique' items
  • Colour coded the damage types
  • 20st Dec '18
  • New homepage for the gearlist site
  • Maybe i'll look at making the fully reponsive to work on mobile & tablet, ummm.
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  • You can now sort Missiles and Projectiles by Range
  • Fixed layout of 23rd Nov updates.
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  • In Buff section, converted buff durations into minutes where seconds >=60
  • Fixed wrong values showing on Buffs section
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  • Updated drop locations for weapons and core items
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  • 12th Aug '17
  • L9 No. 1 Most Prize ML Type Zet damage/range fixed (was 9999/9995) now 1030/5700
  • Working on batch importer for mob loot data from players csv files
  • Fixed label for Non Manu only items
  • Added label for Include Non Manu items
  • Started to update site with current data. Todo - Add toggle so user can choose current of live data.
  • Backed up data from live EnB
  • Fixed class names for 3 additional classes
  • Added several missing 200% columns for weapons, shields, reactors etc. Inc. but not limited to Reload 200%, Recharge 200%
  • Fixed some calculations related to reload and dps for weapons

Name Sold By Drop From Dismantle From/ToInfo
  • Deflect Energy (Equip)
  • Deflect Explosive (Activated)
  • Deflect Impact (Equip)
  • Weaken Chemical (Equip)
  • Explorer Only
  • ?
  • N7 DB: Drops
  • L55 Strand Vulture
    GETCo: Continuing our 500 year tradition of sustainable development. When activated on a targeted group member this item gives an icnrease to target's explosive resistance. When equipped this item causes a small decrease to your chemical resistance, but gives an increase to your energy and impact resistances.
    • ?
        • Boost Projectile Range (Equip)
        • Improved Projectile Handling (Equip)
        • Weaken Chemical (Activated)
        • Not manu
        • ?
        • N7 DB: No mob drop
          • Deflect Explosive (Equip)
          • Increase Skill Success (Equip)
          • Projectile Energy Conservation (Equip)
          • Recalibrate Weapon Systems (Activated)
          • Not manu
          • Unique
          • Progen Only
          • Explorer Only
          • ?
          • N7 DB: No mob drop
            Fer fixin' ter guns up real quick like. Might even help ya not get blow'd up.
            • Increase Speed (Equip)
            • Reduce Warp Cost (Equip)
            • Turbo Warp (Activated)
            • Turbo Warp (Equip)
            • Warp Charge (Equip)
            • Not manu
            • Unique
            • No trade
            • Explorer Only
            • ?
            • N7 DB: No mob drop
              Ain't better than a still full of moonshine. but this here device makes you free warp with less drain on your reactor. Oils up your engine so it makes warp less of a hassle too.
              • Improved Critical Targeting (Equip)
              • Increase Speed (Equip)
              • Scan Blind (Equip)
              • Weaken EMP (Activated)
              • Warrior Only
              • ?
                BlackSun Device Experimental Device. Use at own risk. When activated on a targeted enemy this item causes a decrease to target's EMP resistance. When equipped this item causea a small decrease to our scan range, but gives an increase to your Critical Targeting and an increase to your combat speed.
                Turtle Shell L9
                Dropped by: L55 Strand Vulture @ Arduinne
                Nav: Arduinne Asteroid AA710
                Notes: Damage: energy,plasma,emp
                Source: Net7 Wiki
                Date: 2017-09-24 18:38:31

                Rebels of Earth

                Scorpiomidget, Jenquai Defender, boarding the 'Zapalot' at Friendship 7 Recreation Port in Glenn / Beya Hydri

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